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Planning Consultants & Property Advisors, RW Nowlan & Associates has extensive in house knowledge of Strategic Planning, Surveying and Property Asset Management. We provide clients with a wide range of planning and property advisory services working to the highest standards. We work flexibly providing a bespoke service tailored to each client’s specific needs, taking a proactive solution based approach to every project. Our services are knowledge led, drawing from our broad experience across planning and property sectors.

Planning Consulting

RW Nowlan & Associates has significant experience in providing planning consulting services at all stages of the planning and development process. Our team have a proven track record of delivering positive planning outcomes for our clients since the company’s inception. We draw upon our wide range of expertise in retail planning, mixed-use development, distressed asset advice and strategic planning to deliver clear and concise problem solving solutions.


Development & Land Use

RW Nowlan & Associates recognises the importance of land use planning to help manage development and ensure that the most appropriate land uses are in the most suitable locations. We offer a dynamic approach to land use planning that can afford significant added value to our client’s assets. In addition, our experience allows us to provide dynamic problem solving solutions to existing land use issues that may arise and affect your asset values on existing or on future development potential.

Development & Land Use SERVICES


Planning Asset Management

RW Nowlan & Associates has extensive management experience in project management and planning, environmental and economic management of projects throughout the Country. Such practical experience, combined with our extensive knowledge of the property industry equips the R W Nowlan & Associates team to manage a wide variety of projects successfully and effectively.


Property Advisory

RW Nowlan & Associates is able to offer our clients a unique combination of Property & Planning skills,  experience and expertise which sets us apart from our competitors within the property industry. Our valuable understanding of the full spectrum of potential risks in terms of financial, non financial, and regulatory risks allow us to guide and mitigate against any potential future risks. In addition, we provide expert advice and have a proven track record of providing high quality Property Advisory Services to our clients.


In addition to the above services, we have a wide range of sub consultants that provide expertise in Quantity Surveying, Engineering, Architecture, Fire Regulation, Landscaping & Environmental Services.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Planning Applications

Do I need a planning application?

What is an Outline Planning Application?

How much does it cost to prepare a planning application?

How long does it take for a planning application to be granted permission by the Council ?

Can I extend my planning permission?

How long does my extended planning permission last?

What is a planning objection?

I would like to object to a planning application, how can I do this?

How long do i have to make a observation or objection to a Planning Application

How much does it cost to make a planning observation/objection?

( Note: this is a subsection in this section) Significant Further Information

What is a retention planning application?

Do I need a change of use planning application?

What do I need to submit a planning application?

Can I extend my planning permission?

How do I extend my planning permission?

How do I make an extension of planning permission application?

Who prepares a planning objection?

How much does a planning objection cost?

How long does a planning application take for a decision to be made?

What is a Request for Further Information

I have submitted my Further Information Response, how long for a decision from the Council?

How long do I have to respond to Further Information Request from the Council?

The Planning Appeal Process

What is a Planning Appeal?

What is a 3rd Party Appeal?

How long does a planning appeal take to be decided?

Is there a time limit on appeals?

What should I include in my Planning Appeal?

What must I include with my submissions or observations?

What is a 1st Party Appeal?

How can I make a Planning Appeal to An Bord Pleanala?

How much does it cost to make a planning appeal?

How can i make a Planning Appeal?

Can I make my views known to the Board without appealing?

Can I withdraw my appeal?

Exempt Development

What is exempt development?

Do I require a change of use planning application?

How do I make a Section 5 Application?

When do you require a Section 5 application?

Is my proposed development considered exempt development?

What is a Section 5 Application?

What does a Section 5 Application achieve?

How much does it cost to prepare a section 5 application?

Planning Enforcement Action

What is a Warning Letter?

How do I respond to enforcement proceedings / warning letter?

Do I have to lodge a Retention planning application?

What is the 7 year rule?

Do I have to be in compliance with all my planning conditions to sell my property?

What is an Enforcement Letter?

What is a planning injunction?

What is planning retention?

Once I have passed 7 years, do I have planning permission?

What are planning conditions?

​Planning Consultant/Planning Asset Management

What is a Planning Consultant?

The Benefits of using a Planning Consultant

Protected Structure

What is a protected Structure

I am unsure that works require planning permission, how do i establish if planning consent is required?

Do i require planning permission for works to a Protected Structure?

Can i have my protected structure removed from the list Record of Protected Structures?


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